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If you can help, please do! – Suwannee County, Florida

Debby was expected to head out into the Atlantic on Wednesday, but forecasters warn that the weakened storm is still causing flooding and tornado threats even if it doesn’t pack the same punch. The National Hurricane Center downgraded Debby from a tropical storm to a tropical depression Tuesday night as it slogged across northern Florida toward the Atlantic coast. Debby’s maximum sustained winds early Wednesday were near 35 mph. But forecasters said a combination of storm surge and tide are bringing flooding to coastal areas that have already been drenched by the storm that sat virtually motionless in the Gulf of Mexico for several days.


If you are near Suwannee County, Florida and have the means to help please read below…

OK neighbors. Now it is time to help each other out. Thank goodness we have no damage but others do. People have sink holes and water damage that they will need help with. You know people don’t have flood insurance and this could get expensive. Anyone have dirt or concrete blocks that they can help out with for sink holes? Also, have had one friend with a request for industrial fans to dry out their house. If you have one (or more) they could borrow please message me and I will get you in contact with them. I also have 2 strong boys who will be more than happy to help in any way they can. Just let us know. Please contact Janet or Karen on facebook.

Some items they are in immediate need for…

  • Loads of dirty or concrete to fill sinkholes created by the flooding.
  • Industrial fans to help for drying homes and businesses.
  • General labor for debris removal.
  • Pickup Trucks for debris removal.