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How Your Company Website Can Give Your Brand A Personality

It’s not enough to simply have a company website. You can’t just register a domain name and consider your business one that has a viable internet presence. It’s mandatory that you keep your company website regularly updated so that visitors will be encouraged to keep coming back.

This is where blogging comes in. A regularly updated blog helps for Google searches to result in your company website being found amongst the highest ranking sites in your industry. As well, your blog helps to give your brand a personality. This trait isn’t one that should be underestimated. Let it not be lost on you that, in today’s world, consumers place great importance on the relationships they have with the brands they support.

Your blog is your company’s voice.

Essentially, each one of your website’s blog posts should be a piece that is written in the “voice” of your brand. Is it friendly, inviting and affable? Is it knowledgeable, eloquent and intriguing? When people read your blogs, they should get a sense of the type of people who work for your company. And, more importantly, that sense should encourage them to want to call your company directly.

“Think of your blog as your greatest and most affordable marketing tool,” insists Matt on, “A blog drives traffic and leads/sales. A survey by HubSpot found that 57% of businesses who blog have generated a lead from it. A blog gives your company a voice, it creates a place where you can tell your company’s story, share your expertise and engage with your customers.”

Your “About Us” page is your personal introduction.

The reason why so many company websites have “About Us” pages is because consumers want to know the actual people they’re dealing with. Companies are no longer expected to be faceless brand names that purport to have their customers’ best interests at hearts. Humans need other humans to truly feel valued. Your website’s “About Us” page should make clear the various personalities that make up your team.

“People do business with other people, and visitors want to learn a bit more about who the people are behind the company,” says Matt, “The about page is often one of the most visited page on any website. This page should give a brief summary of who you are, your company history and what isolates you from the competition.”

He goes on to advise business owners to include biographies and pictures of staff members on their “About Us” pages. At MeloTel, we’ve certainly taken that route with our very own “About MeloTel” page!

Your website is in good hands with MeloTel!

Allow our team to help your brand’s personality shine! Our Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire have been helping company websites to regularly increase their traffic for years. Our copy is readable, engaging and optimized to get you more hits in search engines. As well, our Website Maintenance Services provide the personal attention your site deserves at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time in-house web designer/developer.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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