Just For Fun

Have A Happy And Cost-Effective Halloween!

At MeloTel, Halloween is quite the festive occasion. And no one seems to get more into the spirit of the spooky season than our very own President, John Meloche. In Halloweens of past, John has been known to go all out with his costumes, even securing himself victories in costume contests. Do you have your costume all picked out?

Of course, Halloween is a time that can be enjoyable for people of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a kid – or a really big kid! And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to enjoy it either. Here, at MeloTel, we pride ourselves on being able to save our clients money. And today’s blog falls right in line with that mission.

Looking for some last minute Halloween ideas for your trick-or-treaters? Here’s a way to get in on the all of the haunted hilarity without having to break the bank. Let’s suppose you haven’t yet decorated your house for tonight’s trick-or-treating adventures, but you don’t feel like going to the store for decorations.

The Pantyhose Dummy. Here’s an easy way to spook your neighbours with items that you can easily find in your bedroom closet. Grab yourself two pairs of old pantyhose, an old pair of pants, a long sleeve shirt, gloves, a hat and a pillow. Next, you’ll need several sheets of newspaper.

Crumble up the sheets of newspaper into balls that you can squeeze into each pair of pantyhose. When filled up, these pantyhose will represent the arms and legs of your dummy. Stuff one pair into the pants and the other pair into the shirt. Stick the ends of the pants into some old shoes or boots. Stick the ends of the shirt into a pair of gloves.

Grab a chair to place on your porch and rest the legs on it in a sitting position. Stuff the shirt with a pillow and rest it on top of the legs. Some people like to position their jack-o-lanterns in the head position. You can also place a mask on the “head” portion of the pantyhose. Throw the hat on top, and you have yourself a pantyhose dummy. The scarier you make it look, the better!

The Bowls of Gross. You may also want to set up some fun but “scary” bowls on your porch. Cover them with lids so that no one can see into them. Offer young trick-or-treaters chance to check them out with your supervision. A bowl of cold spaghetti can be “brains”, guts or even worms. A bowl of olives or grape tomatoes can be “eyeballs”. Label them as you choose.

Heighten the level of fun at your house by playing some scary music too. Everything from “Monster Mash” to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” would be appropriate. Perhaps, downloading spooky sound effects is the way to go. All this Halloween fun has existed in your house all year round and you didn’t even know it. Tonight’s the night to break them out! Happy Halloween!