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Get Your Blog On!

In our last blog, we excitedly introduced our new look website. At MeloTel, we often champion the concept of keeping things fresh and proving to your customers that you staying ahead of your competition. Our snazzy new website not only comes with a new look, but it exhibits new features as well!

Since you’re reading our blog, it’s pretty obvious that we herald the use of a regularly-updated blog to help drive traffic to your website. This very blog has done wonders for MeloTel in that it has helped spread the word about our company to a wider audience. It has especially been helpful for getting our website picked up in search engines.

And with that, we’d like to announce yet another amazing feature service that is being provided by MeloTel…blogging! Did you know that the term “blog” actually is a combination of the terms “web” and “log”? Using your website to communicate your take on current news events, information relevant to your industry and especially cool features about your company keeps you closely connected to your target client base.

Here, at MeloTel, we proudly employ a unique and multi-talented group of blog writers who all come from fascinating backgrounds of creative writing. Each blog is very engaging and readable so that any reader can enjoy the content. The key, of course, is to generate further interest in your website and therefore, your company.

Our writers are especially skilled at writing in “your voice”. That means, that your blog will take on the voice of your company and cater each blog to specifically speak to the customers who matter most to you. In other words, our writers will happily take your lead and write about what you wish to communicate yourself.

For example, when hiring one of our amazing bloggers, your best bet is to identify some important keywords in your industry that can be worked into your blogs. This will help with generating more search engine hits when people are looking up terms relevant to your business. In turn, you will receive more visits to your website.

Having a regularly-updated blog communicates that you are a leader in your industry. It gives your company a personal voice that will keep in touch with its client base. It also helps to make greater use of your company’s social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook which many companies use to promote their blogs as they serve as links to your website.

Blogs aren’t necessarily all that long. They usually last between 250 to 500 words. But they certainly are effective! We invite you today to take a look at our brand new “Bloggers For Hire” page and look into getting the perfect blogger for your company website. Get your blog on today!