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Courteous Customers Get Super Service

Nothing beats a good compliment. And to all of our great clients who give them to us, we’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank you. As you know, we very much appreciate your business and do all that it takes to make each and every one of your experiences with MeloTel great ones.

We know, however, that many of these compliments come as a result of our company being compared to others that our customers have had dealings with. “Frustrating”, “annoying” and even “insane” have been just some of the adjectives our clients have used to describe other businesses when trying to get a representative on the phone.

At MeloTel, we know how (insert your word of choice here) it can be to call up a company looking for customer service only to be greeted by a litany of automated responses. Add to that the experiences when the representative that you are looking for is unable to help you, and we know that it begins to seem like good customer service is non-existent.

And although we love talking to our customers, we also love helping them out with friendly pieces of advice in many of our blogs. Today, is no different. Of course, MeloTel isn’t the only company you do business with. So we’d like to impart a few tidbits that may assist you when calling those other companies. Well, ours too!

Remember that, even though you may be upset when calling, you don’t want to upset the person you’re speaking too. Usually, your issue has nothing to do with the representative personally. So how you handle the call will help you to get the result that you are looking for.

On, it is discussed how customers should approach their customer service calls if they want a good customer service experience. The main thing to do, says the site, is to remain calm. When you sound angry and disgruntled, it may put the representative on edge. You don’t want them to speak to you in a rude tone, so try not to have one yourself.

Phone reps are a lot more likely to be willing to help you if you treat them with respect. One of our staff members mentioned that he always refers to the rep he gets on the phone by name. This simple courtesy has often afforded him, not only great service, but some added perks – depending on the company he calls, of course.

Writes “Staying calm will help you relate what the problem is, what you would like to happen to resolve it and what is reasonable to resolve it. The calmer you are, the easier it will be for the customer service representative to relate back what they can do to help you and what is within their scopes and bounds.”