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Canada Post Holding Mail Hostage?

In our last blog, we commented upon the supposed ending of the nationwide Canada Post strike. Its crippling effect on small business owners across Canada has been evident in every industry. We have made mention that invoices, payments and important shipments have been delayed as a result of the strike.

Obviously, this has hurt the bottom line for many businesses. One would think that with the strike “ending” this past Tuesday, important mail would be flooding into mailboxes across the country. Unfortunately, this is not so. In fact, it appears as if Canada Post doesn’t seem to be very happy about having to return to work.

At MeloTel, we are experiencing a high volume of calls from concerned clients who have mailed in their cheques to cover payments. Sadly, the vast majority of these cheques have not yet been received. Needless to say, this is certainly putting a strain on both MeloTel and its great clients.

The burden of having to wait for these extremely important deliveries is only being exacerbated by the fact that we have been receiving very UN-important mail lately. In fact, in the past couple of days, the MeloTel mailbox has been inundated with advertisements and flyers.

We are truly bewildered as to how these ads have been prioritized for delivery over the envelopes containing the payments that keep our business running. To be plainly honest, we have not yet received a piece of REAL mail since the strike supposedly ended two days ago.

In addition, we have also received random ads that have not even been directly addressed to us. This tells us that Canada Post delivery people are back to putting flyers into mailboxes, but not yet intent on sorting through the backlog of important mail that has been accumulating for weeks.

Clearly, it has been difficult tolerating the Canada Post strike this month. It appears evident that the Canadian Union of Postal Workers has not at all considered how damaging the halting of mail is for small business owners across the country. To our many great clients, we can only ask you to be patient as we do the same in awaiting the cheques that you have confirmed have been mailed.

We would recommend contacting CUPW directly to express your concerns about this situation, but our attempts to do so have been met with angst. It has been made clear to us that that they are not particularly open to feedback at this time. It looks like we’ll just all have to wait until they release our mail from this seemingly hostile hostage situation.

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