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Build A Bigger Audience With Blogs

In our last blog, we revisited the topic of blogging and the many benefits that it provides for small businesses. As you know, MeloTel introduced its brand new blogging bundles this week. You can read all about them in the “Bloggers For Hire” section of our website. It goes without saying that we are big believers in blogging.

Alyssa Gregory of is with us on this one. In our last blog, we went over a few points that she made about how blogging can help build a larger audience for a small business website. She reiterates some very important points that, we here at MeloTel, have made mention of in past blogs.

Among them, is the fact that blogs help to provide higher search engine rankings. Gregory writes that “search engine marketing is hot”! She goes so far as referring to the search market as the “Holy Grail of Internet advertising”. One of the reasons for this is because generating traffic from search engine marketing is far cheaper than traditional modes of advertising.

She points out that “search engine marketing has the lowest cost-per-lead and the highest return on investment. U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray, estimated that the cost per lead was $0.29 for search, $0.50 for e-mail, $1.18 for the yellow pages, $2.00 for banner ads, and $9.94 for direct mail.”

Business blogging helps for your company to rank much higher in major search engine results. Search engines, notes Gregory, rank based on link popularity among other factors that help to regularly index your company website. Keeping in mind that this can all be done at much lower costs than other modes of advertising, blogging is practically a must these days.

Not all business owners have time to blog, of course. This is where MeloTel comes in, as we take care of that task for you! Gregory recommends that small business owners hire out bloggers who are well-versed in your field. More importantly, a blogger should be able to speak in everyday common language about a variety of topics.

It’s all about good communication and making strong connections. The more people feel connected to your brand, the better. Your blog is your voice. And the best business owners utilize their voices to connect with their audiences. Just ask Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban who prefers blogging over providing interviews, notes Gregory.

We look forward to blogging for you soon!