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An Important PSA From Our CEO

This morning I awoke to a phone call on my cell phone at 5am.
It’s very rare my phone rings at 5am and when it does, it’s not usually good news.
It woke me and my wife up at the same time.
She also knows that calls at 5am aren’t usually good news calls.
I looked at my phone and noticed the caller ID displayed the name and number of one of my key employees.
I was a little disoriented when I answered. “Hello?”
But there was no one there.
“Hello? Steeve?”
I could hear a ruffling sound ever so slightly, but I did not get any response. So I hung up.
I thought about calling back, but I thought maybe someone was playing a prank on me. I didn’t want to call Steeve back and wake him up if this was someone else playing a prank on me.
By that time, I was up. I couldn’t go back to bed. i had a mystery to solve.
Since I saw it was Steeve’s extension that had called me, I logged into our phone system to see if the call really originated from our network.
Sure enough, it did! I was perplexed. Why did Steeve call me so early?
I could have called back, but I figured if it was urgent he would have called again. I figured maybe he just accidentally pocket dialed me. Since the evidence supported the call did originate from his
Around 8am. I sent Steeve a message in Slack. “Hey, did you call me this morning at 5am?”
Steeve replied. “No way.”
I asked him “Can you check your phone call log?”
He replied “Sure, let me go check my phone.” Followed up by a laughing 🤣 emoji, he tells me. “I know who called you!”
I said “Really? Who?”
He replied “My cat Delilah is sitting on my phone. She must have pressed the speed dial at 5am.”
Moral of the story… I don’t always wake up at 5am. But when I do it, it’s because Steeve’s cat pressed the speed dial on his phone.