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A Policy Of Honesty Will Build Your Brand

Honesty sign clipping pathBecoming a company that the general public considers “reputable” doesn’t happen overnight. It literally takes years of hard work that involves building and maintaining business relationships, constant advertising and providing incomparable customer service and products. But even when you’ve crossed all of your T’s and dotted all of your I’s, being reputable still must entail honesty.

That’s why at MeloTel, we work to ensure that the relationships we build with our clients are genuine. We honestly take great pride in the work we do with Canadian business owners because we know that it helps to improve the national economy. More importantly than that is the fact that we enjoy making others happy, knowing that it only makes our business a stronger one.

So whether our customers enjoy utilizing our Business Telephone Services, our Web Design Services or any of the many other features provided by MeloTel, we work to ensure that they enjoy the experience of being clients. We do our part in elevating their success levels through exposure too. We proudly boast about our clients on the MeloTel website homepage.

Companies such as Deezer, Canadian POS Corporation, Stellar Signs & Graphics and National Projects are just a few of MeloTel’s awesome clients that have offered testimonials about how happy they are to work with us. It’s important to us to not only provide them with incredible services at affordable rates, but to acknowledge them in ways that will help them to garner greater attention.

With that said, we should probably take this opportunity to mention that MeloTel has been listed as a client by a company known as Firms Hosting. And while we appreciate being mentioned on their website, we are not actually a client of this company. In fact, we did attempt a relationship with this brand a few years ago, but it never truly developed into anything.

In the interest of honesty, we cannot actually endorse Firms Hosting or recommend its products and services. Things simply didn’t work out between our two companies. With that said, we would just like to make clear that there is no affiliation between Firms Hosting and MeloTel in any way. Perhaps they will be removing our name from their website in the near future.

We would, however, love to add your name to MeloTel’s growing list of customers. With 2014 now well underway, we are diligently working on new and improved ways to service your business. The new year often brings about change in all business landscapes. Is there anything new that you’d like to try for your business? Blogging, for instance, would make an excellent addition to your company website.

If you’re looking to attain more visitors – and who isn’t? – our team of bloggers can construct regular blogs containing keywords that will direct interested would-be customers to your website. With a ton of Hosted and Professional Services to choose from, your best bet may be to give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL so we can discuss further how we can build your brand in 2014!