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3 Good Reasons To Start Blogging In 2020

We only have two weeks left in the year 2019! And that means we only have two weeks left in the decade that, we suppose, will be remembered as “the teens”. The 20s are about to start! Can you believe it? If you haven’t yet considered ways to take your business to the next level in the new decade, it’s time to start thinking about them right away. We have one great idea for how to grow your business in 2020 and beyond. Start blogging!

Here are three good reasons to start blogging in 2020:

1. It will distinguish your brand from the competition.

All business owners want to get their proverbial legs up on their competitors. In today’s world, content marketing is a huge plus for companies that want to stand out. Because blogs are forms of direct communication from businesses to consumers, they help to develop senses of rapport that non-blogging companies simply miss out on.

As Michael B. Fishbein of HuffPost explains, “according to ‘the 1 percent rule,’ only 1 percent of Internet users actively create new content, while the other 99 percent of the participants simply view it. By blogging, you separate yourself from the 99 percent of people that don’t blog. Standing out is essential in an increasingly competitive economy.”

2. It will help you to grow your audience.

It’s all about making connections. And when you write blogs, you put yourself in a better position to establish greater connections – with both business professionals and consumers alike. On, Stacey Roberts explains that personal bloggers make friends they never imagined they’d have.

“Not only friends, but people who are interested in the same things you are, people that can broaden your knowledge and your horizons,” she writes, “People who are interesting, people who add insight in your life. You may even meet your next employer, your next romantic interest, or the right person that will pop up at just the right time to help you with a project or goal.”

3. It will highlight you as an expert.

Consumers want to feel confident they’re making the right buying decisions. When company owners show they really know what they’re talking about in their blogs, it helps to turn their blog readers into buyers. With a blog, you’re given the ability to showcase how much you know about your industry.  In many ways, blogs are excellent forms of customer service as they answer questions that are often on the minds of those interested in what you have to offer.

“Having a blog and writing about important topics that are relevant to your audience establishes yourself as an authority in the space,” says Fishbein, “It enhances your professional image. A blog is to professionals in the 2000s what a business card was in the 1990s. Blogs are the new business cards.”

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