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What Makes Texting So Important To Your Business?

Okay, get ready for a contender for all-time biggest understatement: texting is popular! Do you know anyone who doesn’t text? With the advent of cell phones and their transition into smartphones, we could argue that texting is the most popular form of communication today.

Consider the fact that smartphones are often equipped with countless messaging apps. The very act of typing away on handheld devices is an everyday-all day occurrence for most people. Therefore, using text messaging as a way to grow your business is a no-brainer. In fact, these days, it’s practically mandatory! Why is texting so important to your business? Well consider the following.

It’s a less intrusive communication style.

Sometimes, a phone call simply takes too much time and effort. In order for a conversation to work, it requires the time, energy and patience of at least two parties. With text messaging, a text is sent and the recipient is able to respond to it on his/her own time.

In many cases, responses are immediate. But texts are far less intrusive than phone calls because they don’t insist upon a person stopping what he/she is doing in order to engage in a conversation. By using text messaging with your clients, co-workers and colleagues, you allow for a more relaxed style of communication.

Its response rate is incredible.

Statistics show that text message open rates are close to 100%. In other words, if you send a text, it’s bound to be read. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always get a response. It simply means that your message is being received by its intended target. Of course, the strength of your message is what will encourage a response. But, keep in mind that, generally speaking, texts are near-impossible to ignore.

Customers like texting.

As we mentioned earlier, nearly everyone sends texts every single day. So it only makes sense to use a communication method that your customers are used to using. By not utilizing text messaging as a communication-slash-advertising source for your business, you’re missing out on a surefire way to gain more exposure for your brand.

It’s a form of direct marketing.

When you text someone, you’re purposely sending a message to an intended recipient. Your message is streamlined to a specific target with the intent of eliciting a response. As a result, texting can be used as an excellent marketing tool.

Unlike traditional commercials which can be viewed by anyone, the marketing messages you send can be targeted to a core audience. This advertising method encourages greater results. Not to mention, the cost-effectiveness of using an SMS message service practically guarantees you a better ROI.

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