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Showing Love To Some Fantastic Community Support Groups

The coronavirus pandemic has been rough on us all. The majority of us are sensibly practicing strict personal hygiene routines and social distancing – the latter of which often involves working from home. And while the world continues to combat the spread of COVID-19, there are those who are going the extra mile to provide services to those who are truly in need of help at tough times like this.

These days, true heroes come in the form of those who have started up volunteer community groups to offer support services to members of their communities. Their efforts include food delivery and grocery pickup for the elderly. Inspired by these amazing groups, this past Monday, MeloTel announced that it was offering free phone services to COVID-19 support groups

Today, we are pleased to announce the latest recipients of MeloTel’s sponsorship of free telephony. Please join us in celebrating these groups and sharing information about them with your community. Surely, you know of some people who can benefit from their generous assistance.

Angels for Corona Volunteer Group.

This great group was developed for the purposes of sharing and organizing community resources in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The goal of the Angels for Corona Volunteer Group is to organize the local community on the grassroots level to ensure vulnerable community members have access to food, housing, healthcare, and other necessities. There are three main bases of volunteers in this group. Administrative volunteers, field volunteers and service volunteers.

Give them a call at 1-888-239-1677 and join their Facebook group HERE!

Caremonger Oshawa and Clarington.

This fantastic group was also created to offer a space for sharing and organizing community resources in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Caremonger Oshawa and Clarington’s objective is to help those who feel isolated or homebound by offering support via their toll-free hotline. Volunteers are giving their time to assist people who are having especially difficult times contending with being cooped up at home and being without necessities.

You can call them at 1-888-573-0982 and join their Facebook group HERE!

Caremongers Whitby.

This awesome group was founded to ensure vulnerable community members and anyone in need has access to necessities. As part of Caremongers Whitby’s group rules, people are encouraged to use the hashtags #ISO when they’re “in search of” something; #Resource when they’re offering resources; #Done when a request is complete and no longer needs attention; and #Shop to identify where scarce resources can currently be found as a response to #ISO.

Give them a call at 1-888-573-0982 and join their Facebook group HERE!

Caremonger Pickering-Ajax.

This amazing group is also made up of volunteers who are offering their time to support those feeling isolated and homebound. Caremonger Pickering-Ajax can also be reached by a toll-free number that can be called for emotional support as well as access to food, housing, healthcare and other necessities.

Call them at 1-888-573-0982 and join their Facebook group HERE!


Another incredible group, Fone-A-Friend provides a friendly ear to anybody who is vulnerable in the community. They are available as friends who you can talk, laugh and share your concerns with. Everybody is welcome to help and to receive help.

Call them at 1-888-431-6711 and join their Facebook group HERE!

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