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What Is DaFeeder And How Does It Work?

Do you own a call centre business? If so, today’s blog will be of special interest to you! You don’t ask your phone reps to manually dial the phone numbers of your clients, do you? If so, DaFeeder Telemarketing is definitely something you need!

What Is DaFeeder?

DaFeeder is a simple web-based telemarketing software that allows even the most inexperienced computer users to manage campaign dialing and dispositions. This incredible service is rethinking how web-based technology can help small and medium-sized businesses manage their telemarketing, customer acquisition and political survey strategies.

When your call centre agents use DaFeeder, they will no longer have to manually dial phone numbers. With the click of an on-screen button, your lead can be called. However, the DaFeeder is SO much more than just an automatic dialer. It offers you never-before-available capabilities in the world of telemarketing.

How does DaFeeder work?

Firstly, DaFeeder enables you to upload your own campaigns. What locations do your phone agents call each day? If you operate your business on Canada’s east coast, you have to be mindful of the different time zones in our nation. It’s wise to not contact west coast-based businesses too early in the morning. As you know, they are three hours behind the east coast.

With DaFeeder, you can upload a campaign comprised of Western Canada businesses. You’re then able to schedule your team to begin using that campaign later in the day. With this feature, your company is able to work with structure. Your call centre reps can be assured that they will be calling the right prospects at the right times of the day.

What are the most exciting features of DaFeeder?

DaFeeder makes scheduling call backs easier than ever! It stores all necessary client information in its cloud-based filing cabinet. It also gives you the ability to schedule both private and public call backs. A private call back is one that a phone agent sets so that he/she can be alerted to make his/her own follow-up call. A public call back is one that a rep sets up for member of your team to make when the time is appropriate.

DaFeeder also lets your phone agents work remotely. This is often a necessity in today’s pandemic-burdened world. Because this software is web-based, your team members aren’t required to work from their office desks alone. As long as they are given appropriate login information, your call centre can be expanded to locations all throughout the globe!

How can you learn more about DaFeeder?

Check out this 17-minute(ish) YouTube video about DaFeeder! It was put together by MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche who provides a quick, non-technical overview of DaFeeder.

“DaFeeder Preview Dialer is a must-have feature for any business that operates a call centre,” writes John in the video’s blurb, “This web-based telemarketing software allows for your employees to not just have contacts automatically dialled for them, but it functions as an excellent online filing system.”

For more information about DaFeeder Telemarketing, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email