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VoIP Is The Way To Go

In yesterday’s blog, we revisited the concept of using Voice over Internet Protocol for your business needs and just how important the advent of this amazing technology is. The bottom line is that regular telephone connections just don’t cut it anymore. VoIP can provide you with so many more benefits than just allowing you to make phone calls. is a blog that discusses this very topic and without surprise, its bloggers tend to agree with us. Just a month ago, a blogger known only as Jennny discussed a few different reasons why using VoIP is not just the communication choice of the future, but it’s the smart move of today.

First and foremost, Jenny reminds us that using VoIP will definitely help you reduce your phone bills. Using the internet to make your calls helps you to avoid those hefty long distance charges that plague the bank accounts of both consumers and business owners alike. Getting set up with VoIP allows you to call anyone in the world from anywhere in the world without breaking the bank.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog, VoIP provides its users with global access. You can simply connect your IP phone into a computer that’s logged on to the internet and begin making phone calls. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, in the office or in a hotel somewhere at the other end of the world!

The overall service and technology is also dramatically different, says Jenny. VoIP, of course, utilizes the internet to communicate. As we mentioned yesterday, it also has the ability to convert voice data into text. As well, the voice messages that are left for you are saved as data, so the quality is never compromised. Voice mail comes through clearly all the time.

You also have access to different call plans when you use VoIP. This system is so much more than just making and receiving phone calls. The technology is remarkably more advanced than the common telephone line. So it doesn’t make sense to give every customer the same plan. At MeloTel, we offer a wide range of options to our customers so that their VoIP services accurately suit their needs.

With most phone companies, you are generally required to select your package from a short list of options that usually either include features you don’t need or they do not include everything that is relevant to your business. Our VoIP services can be specifically tailored to cater to your company.

Contact MeloTel to get your business set up with our VoIP telephone services. You will be connected in ways that you never thought imaginable. And this is generally because other telephone companies are not yet providing their customers with the type of services that we offer. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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