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The Art Of Boosting Call Centre Employee Morale

Just how important is employee morale in call centres? It can be argued that boosting employee morale is one of your most important jobs as a call centre manager or supervisor. By doing so, you’ll help your business thrive instead of flounder. Customer satisfaction depends heavily on the attitudes of the representatives of your company. So what are the best ways to boost employee morale in your call centre?

Acknowledge your phone agents as individuals.

Individuals who work on the phone every day often feel like they are simply cogs in a wheel. They are tiny little components in a much bigger machine and perhaps, that machine could work just fine without them. Make sure your employees don’t feel this way about their roles in your company! Show them that you care about them as people. This requires your efforts to get to know each of them as individuals.

“Throw birthday parties to make them feel special on their big day,” suggests Dóra Rapcsák of VCC Live, “Alternatively, organizing an occasion to celebrate the announcement of a forthcoming baby, a colleague returning from maternity leave or an agent embarking on new adventures will allow your team to have a little fun while getting off the hamster wheel for a bit.”

Add some fun and games to the work day.

No, work is certainly not meant to be all fun and games. But that doesn’t mean that there can’t be any fun and games at all. Be mindful of the stressfulness that a call centre job generally entails. By introducing fun activities that will help your employees take their minds of the stressful parts of their jobs, you’ll help them to be a lot more enthusiastic about their roles. This will, in turn, make them a lot more productive.

According to Rapcsák, there are a number of ways to implement fun and games in a call centre environment. “For example, you can create a coupon book and give out coupons for 15 minutes of time off or work-from-home day,” she writes, “Whatever you do, always make sure to award prizes that make the winners feel special. You can be sure your agents will totally go for it!”

Offer more entertaining hold times.

“A prime friction point for customers is hold time,” insists Shawndra Tobias of Etech, “Occasionally being on hold is inescapable. Advanced call centre software elements, for example, opening a chat channel or an option to leave a voice message or leave a callback number, can make that time more endurable for customers.”

Hold time is an aspect of customer service that, far too often, gets overlooked. No one likes being on hold. However, when you make hold time fun for customers, it greatly reduces their frustration. In turn, it greatly reduces the frustration experienced by your phone agents. Contact MeloTel to learn about how you can utilize the Custom Hold Music feature which automatically comes with our cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services.

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