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MeloTel Turns 13!

Happy New Year! The entire MeloTel team wishes you a very safe, prosperous and joyous 2022. In spite of the ongoing troubles brought on by the pandemic, we sincerely hope that this year is your most triumphant one yet. If we can help with that, in any way, let us know. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all of your business needs. MeloTel has proudly assisted North American business owners with taking their brands to the next level for 13 whole years!

That’s right. Today officially marks MeloTel’s 13th anniversary! We were so hoping to be able to celebrate this milestone on the 23rd of December when our annual Christmas dinner at David Duncan House was to take place. Alas, we were unable to congregate at that event due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases. Nonetheless, we’ve made it to another year and we’re very happy to share our joy about this milestone with you.

Thank you to all of our clients!

It goes without saying that MeloTel couldn’t have reached the lucky number 13-mark without the support of our amazing clients. Small and medium-sized business owners from all over North America have many different options when it comes to securing telecom services. By going with MeloTel, these hard-working business owners are taking a chance on a smaller business than the major corporations most people are used to.

We appreciate the trust you’ve put in us. It is a daily mission of ours to ensure that you are continually made happy about your decision to make MeloTel your telecom provider. In addition to the incomparable cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services we provide (only one service on a long list of services), we also guarantee unbeatable customer service experiences. You deserve nothing less and will never receive anything less than the best from us.

Thank you to our team members!

Over the course of the last 13 years, our team has had some members come and go. We’re just like any other company in that regard. Naturally, it takes some time to develop a team comprised of like-minded, hard-working individuals who all share a common goal. That would be making MeloTel a top-of-the-pile brand. We are so very grateful to have comprised the team of amazing employees that we have.

Operations Manager, Chantel Cascanette has helped to keep MeloTel running like a well-oiled machine for the past five years. She can consistently be counted upon whether it’s a business day or holiday. Chantel is steadfastly dedicated to the company and we’re all very grateful for her incomparable contributions.

Steeve Martin leads the Customer Service & Technical Support team with extreme friendliness and unbeatable expertise. Magali “Abbey” Godoy has helped take MeloTel to new heights through her incredible social media marketing efforts. Thanks to them both, our brand is both easily identifiable and highly touted as a customer-pleaser. Steeve and Abbey don’t just combine to make our company great. They make a beautiful couple! The entire MeloTel team would like to congratulate them on their recent engagement!

We would also like to thank Yeguderwork Milikit and Mohamad Jayyusi for breathing new life into our support team, Ali Ramzan for always ensuring our facilities run smoothly, Botund Dombi for helping us streamline provisioning and Daniel Faraldo (who has been there from day one!) for his always-dependable content creation and new work on what may be MeloTel’s greatest project to date!

For information about any and all of MeloTel’s cloud-hosted services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email