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Breaking Bad Habits To Build Bucks

Have you done your tax return yet? If not, it may be a sign that you are falling into some bad financial habits. Most often, when people find that they are strapped for cash, it’s not because they aren’t making any money – it because they are simply not managing it well. Especially if you run your own business, good money management is of paramount importance.

Last month on, Krystal Yee wrote about the most common money mistakes that people make. She contends that avoiding certain bad habits will vastly improve the economic situation of many an individual. Some of us simply have bad habits that need to be broken. We’d like to take a look a list of some of those today.

Relying on your parents. It’s time to flee the nest people! Even if you’re not still living at home, it’s important to find a sense of independence as it relates to your finances. “It’s time to grow up and take control of your own life,” writes Yee. Remember that your folks won’t always be around to help you out. So learn to stand on your own two feet now!

Delaying saving for retirement. Yee writes that it’s never too early to begin saving for your retirement. Many people tend to not even consider their financial situation at retirement because the time seems so far away. It’s important, however, to invest in your future to ensure that you will be financially stable well after you are no longer working.

Having a bad attitude towards money. You know how some people just tend to complain about money all the time? Those who put themselves into negative states of mind tend to never get out of them. Know anyone like that? They’ve probably been stuck in the same financial state for years with no sight of getting out. It’s time to think positively. Change will come.

The balance transfer game. Earlier this week, one of our clients filled us in on a simple tip about how to save money. “Only buy things that you can afford,” he insisted, “If you have to extend payment on something, don’t buy it. Other than a house or a car, you shouldn’t be paying interest for a thing. Interest is a killer!”

Yee concurs – as do we. She writes that too many people tend to make use of balance transfers only to find out that they don’t ever get them out of debt. Instead, consider lowering your budget and simply spending less. It’s important to have a good grasp on how much money you’re making so that you can properly determine how much you can spend.

Being too generous. Everyone loves generous people. But be careful not to put yourself into debt by being such a sweetie. Find a way to be generous for less instead of overspending on gifts, dinners and vacations. Some people are easily persuaded, says Yee. Don’t be one of those people! Break your bad habits and build up that bank account!