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Big Names Offer Big Hype

It’s okay, you can level with us. We know exactly how you feel. You’re not alone. Your home phone service is costing you too much, isn’t it? Not only is the service pricey for what it provides, but the customer service that comes along with it isn’t all that up to snuff either. We know. We’ve gone through the hoops too.

You know what we mean. You call your “big name” provider with all of those fancy commercials on television talking about how great their service is. You’d like to know why there is so much static on the line. Perhaps, you’d like to figure out why the voice mail service has changed to add more prompts instead of less.

Maybe you’re calling to figure out why you’ve just received a letter from the “big name” provider informing you about their increasing rates. You’re thinking “hmm – my services aren’t increasing, why are my rates?” Meanwhile, that very same letter includes some marketing material filling you in on how you can “save money”.

So you wait. And wait. And then you wait some more. You press number after number going through the voice menu desperately seeking someone who can help you with your simply query. You’ve wasted a lot more time than you would like to think about only to be told that there isn’t anything that can be done about your concern.

We’ve been there. We’ve all been there. But what if there was a solution to this problem once and for all? What if a smaller company rose up and stated that Canadians simply won’t have to put up with high rates, and low service anymore? We need to be able to communicate. We need our phones. But we need excellent service at competitive prices.

Is there such a company out there? It would have to be upstanding and dependable. It would need a good track record of ensuring the best possible service for its customers. A guarantee of some kind. It would also need to be well knowledgeable about the advances in the telecommunications field. An expert in VoIP services, if you will.

The company would need to be easy to reach. A toll-free number that people could use across the country knowing that when they dial it, they won’t be sitting on hold skimming through prompt after prompt to get some live help. And oh yeah. The rates would have to be very reasonable. Great service at a great price. A company offering that would be a life-saver!