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Some Things In Life Are Free

You know the phrase, “nothing in life is free”? Well, it’s not true. Nope. Not as far as MeloTel is concerned. In our last blog, we revealed that our incredible Voice Talent Production team is up to the task of providing you with a free voice over ad. All you need to do is email your copy and the concept you are looking for to

If we feel that your voice over idea is unique enough to help us build our portfolio, we’ll do it for you – for nothing! Firstly, our awesome team loves getting behind the mic. It is made up of very talented voice over artists including professional musicians and trained actors. But secondly, at MeloTel, we believe that providing free services can be very beneficial.

Our mission, first and foremost, is to provide added value to the MeloTel brand. We work diligently on making sure that our clients are 100% satisfied and happy with our services, at all times. If we can go the extra mile to provide them with something for free, we feel that they will be given a good dose of what we have to offer – and it will work as an incentive to have them continue to work with us.

Hey, it’s worked before! And we’re happy to say that our client base has been growing exponentially since we first adopted this concept. You don’t have to just take our word for it, by the way. Ingunn Aursnes of Home Business Magazine agrees that building relationships is a key element to having your business grow. And giving customers “something for nothing” is an excellent way of achieving that.

Aursnes writes, however, that there are a few things that entrepreneurs should do before deciding to give out their services for free. Using this marketing strategy should entail having a good handle on the marketplace and knowing how to target the customers who are most likely to support your business. So, first things first…

Define Your Target Audience. Focusing specifically on your target market will help you to spend less than you would on traditional marketing, says Aursnes. This is because you are honing in on the people “who are predisposed to your product or service.” Remember that you can’t service everyone. So the key isn’t to give away your services to everyone. You want those who are bound to come back.

Identify Your Target Market’s Biggest Pain. What are the biggest concerns of your target audience? If you can solve the problems had by your customers, you will be more likely to be able to attract them in droves. You need to think like your potential customers, writes Aursnes. To get in their shoes – so to speak – there are a few things you will need to do. Check out our next blog to read more about them!