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Push For That Promotion

Over this past week, the MeloTel Blog has taken a look at the concept of embracing office politics. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to get involved in office politics, but it just so happens that it is a necessary part of being in the business world. Especially, if you wish to get ahead and excel within your company, you’ll need to know how to play the game.

After all, we all want to get ahead don’t we? So what to do when it seems as if there are no apparent signs of job development at your work place? None of us like the feeling of being stuck. So how do we “unstick” ourselves? On, Alison Doyle provides some advice to those who are looking to get a promotion.

Do a Good Job. Seems like simple enough advice, doesn’t it? We all must remember that there is little no possibility of having your position in a company become elevated if you are not excelling at your current position. Are you a leader? As Doyle writes, “excellent performance reviews and your reputation as an above-average employee will carry a lot of weight when the company is making staffing decisions.”

Be a Team Player. As we’ve mentioned in our last couple of blogs, you do not need to step on others in order to get ahead. In fact, the opposite is true. Helping those around you proves that you’re a leader and that you are capable of handling more than just your own current responsibilities.

Don’t Miss Work. This is a big one that people tend to take for granted. Writes Doyle: “Be on time for work and don’t take more time off than you are allocated. If you’re known as a sloucher and someone who misses more work than is appropriate, it will be held against you.”

Continue Your Education. There is always room for learning. Do what you can to increase your knowledge and skill set as you never know when the extra smarts will come in handy! In many cases, your skills may need updating as technology is ever-advancing. Be sure to stay on top of your game.

Network. Be sure to keep yourself involved. Doyle recommends that you attend company parties and gatherings so that you become more connected and engaged with your colleagues. The more that others know about you is the more that you will stand out. This will make you more likely to be considered for a promotion.

Follow the Application Process. Take nothing for granted. The job isn’t automatically yours, even if it seems as if you’re next in line for the position. Don’t let tenure or qualifications fool you. Be sure to update your resume and prepare a targeted cover letter for your hiring manager. Good luck!