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Network Status: All Systems Go!

It’s nights/mornings like this that I’m glad we have our Twitter feed.

At around 5:45pm EST yesterday, our data center (along with a number of others throughout the country) experienced a major network outage. Although our servers were fully operational, tens of thousands of customers were without service.

During this time, users (including us) were unable to access MeloTel WebTools. Because we weren’t able to gain access to our servers (seeing the entire data center network was down), we weren’t even able to put up a message on the website or send an email out.

As per our standard procedure, we provided live updates via our Twitter feed:

MeloTel WebTools: and

We are pleased to report that our Data Center is now back up and running. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused you on your Saturday night / early Sunday morning. Rest assured, we are *always* monitoring our sites and do everything we can to keep things running smoothly.

After a number of very intense hours, we are off to bed. Good night (or Good Morning, depending on how you look at it). 🙂

PS. If you’re not following our Twitter feed, please do! And if you’re not on Twitter, simply bookmark the link (listed above), which will always give you live updates.