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How To Deliver Excellent Customer Service During COVID-19

If you’re sick and tired of hearing about COVID-19, we don’t blame you one bit. We are right there with you! A couple of months into this pandemic situation have felt like years, haven’t they? Sadly, this is a situation that we’re all faced with and it doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon. We join you, of course, in being hopeful about a sooner-than-later scenario as it relates to things going back to normal. But, in the meantime, you have a very important job to do.

As a business owner, it’s imperative you make the safety of your staff and your customers your top priority. Understandably, this is a tough time. If you run an essential business, your doors are open, but you need to follow social distancing protocol. If you’re business is considered non-essential, you’ve had your doors closed for some time now. As a result, you’ve likely been running an online or over-the-phone entity. So how do you deliver excellent customer service?

Be informative.

Make no mistake – this is an extremely important time for your staff to provide the best customer service possible. Everyone is on edge. Your customers are sure to understand the tough situation your company is facing, but they expect their needs to be met as well. Do you offer curbside pickup? Can your products be ordered online? During which hours are your phone lines open? Ensuring your customer base has the answers to these questions is vital.

Show empathy.

This is a top way to demonstrate an excellent customer service regimen. Keep in mind that your customers are also facing tough times. If they mention having particular difficulties, be sure to not bypass such statements. Express your sincere concern and understanding. Offer well wishes. Let them know you and your company are there to support them. This show of empathy will be remembered long after COVID-19 passes.

Apologize when necessary.

You may not be able to deliver the items your customers need by the times they need them. Most will understand that the present situation does present some barriers. Nevertheless, never be above an apology. This is certainly a time when showing your brand’s human side is necessary. Be sure to be apologetic, informing your customers that you’re aware of the inconveniences they are facing.

Offer alternatives.

Don’t have an item a customer is looking for? Suggest a reasonable replacement. Can’t get a product shipped out right away? Offer to have it waiting curbside. There are many new options available to you as the coronavirus pandemic rages on. Try your best to not give “no” as an answer. Instead, find an alternative method of providing your customers with what they’re looking for.

Be accessible.

Your store may not be open, but that’s no reason for customers to not be able to reach you. With today’s VoIP technology having revolutionized the ways business people communicate, you can make yourself available over the phone no matter where you are. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL to ask about our cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services and the Cloud Softphone app that comes with them for free!

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