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Free Voice Ad – One Week Only!


Over the past couple of weeks, MeloTel has been excitedly introducing our great new line of products and services. Always looking to provide our customers with optimum choices and unbeatable customer service, we are diligently working on being your one-stop shop for all of the marketing and promotion needs of your business.

That is why in addition to securing our spot as Canada’s leading VoIP telephone service provider, MeloTel now provides its clients with so much more! With us, you can have your company logo designed, buy promotional products  and record professional voice over ads!

And now, we have decided to step it up yet another notch. Combining two of our most recently-introduced features, MeloTel is in the spirit of giving this week. Last week, we discussed the importance of offering your customers something for free. Promotional products bearing your company name and logo are proven marketing methods that help develop customer loyalty and client base growth.

We have also recently mentioned how much strong and distinctive voice ads can help brand your company. A recognizable voice is, many times, the signature that a business needs to be memorable. Well, combining the two concepts together, MeloTel is now offering the free gift of our voice for one week only!

That’s right! Until August 15th, 2011, MeloTel will be giving away up to one minute of free voice production! You may use this free voice over for just about anything you like. It can be for an auto attendant, a hold greeting or even a radio commercial! It is whatever you would like to have recorded, for up to one minute, for free!

The voice over copy of your choice will highlight MeloTel’s strong voice talent that we have so proudly described over the past couple of weeks. Please note that this free offer will feature a male voice only, contain no music, and clients are asked to provide the entire script. The final product will be delivered through your choice of either WAV or MP3 format.

This version of our very own promotional gift represents a savings of $60. (Yes, we know you’re never supposed to tell someone the price of a gift, but you get the point.) This offer is valid only within Canada and can only be claimed once per company. Remember, you have until August 15th, 2011 to get your free voice ad from MeloTel. Call us today!